Should You Bother Getting Health Insurance Coverage?

Should You Bother Getting Health Insurance Coverage?

If you are well and do everything to stay healthy, you might think that you do not require health insurance. Some even think that it isn’t worth the trouble and can be expensive. Well, regardless of your reasons why you are having second thoughts of getting health insurance, make sure to consider these following reasons why you should say YES to health insurance coverage:

Health Insurance Coverage is Much Easier and More Affordable

Once you apply for a health insurance coverage, you will find out if you are qualified for savings that could make insurance more affordable. You can also enjoy savings on out-of-pocket costs, which means you have low deductibles and you’ll pay less every time you get care. A perfect way to get protect from any worst-case scenario is choosing a catastrophic health plan. Applying is fast and easy. If you have a family or you are single, applying and looking for what savings you can consider for your needs is not time consuming.

Quality Care and Protection When Bad Things Happen

Nobody likes to get hurt or sick. However, bad things may happen even to healthy individuals. Broken legs may cost about $7500 to treat. Several days in the hospital may cost $30,000. That is actually a lot of money that you should come up with. With this in mind, you have to take note that having this type of medical debt may limit your options. If you are paying for medical services, you can make health care decisions based on money rather than what is best for your overall health condition.

Health Insurance Coverage Offers Full Coverage

Every health insurance plan in the marketplace covers ER services, hospital and doctor charges, treatment for pre-existing conditions, pregnancy, lab work, substance abuse and mental health services, and some essential health benefits. Others include dental coverage. The plans cover the services including breast cancer screenings for women and some preventive services for kids and adults. Every plan is offered by private insurance companies, which compete for your business that is based on price and features.

Check Your Choices and the Costs Once You Apply

To know if you are qualified for the following, you have to fill out an application form.

  • Low-cost or free coverage through Medicaid. If you are not single and you have kids, you will find out if they are qualified for the coverage through CHIP or Children’s Health Insurance Program.
  • Insurance plans with savings based on your income. You will determine how much you will save immediately. The filtering and sorting tools make it simple to check out the plans side by side.

If somebody claims that you are a tax dependent, you may purchase a health insurance plan through marketplace. However, you will not be qualified for the savings based on your yearly or monthly income. But, if you want to enjoy savings, it is best to shop around first and compare the available plans. With this, you can determine which would provide you the best value.

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